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A "User" shall be entitled solely to those privileges explicitly set forth in this Agreement, in consideration for acceptance of this Agreement.

This User Agreement is effective upon receipt and acceptance of a User Application Form by FreeFlow and their client and shall continue until either the User or FreeFlow and their client terminates the Agreement. Upon written notice to the other party, either party may terminate this Agreement for any reason with a notice period of four (4) weeks prior to the end of a calendar month. The User agrees that FreeFlow and their client, in their sole discretion, shall have the right to suspend or terminate a User's access to this marketplace or any FreeFlow powered marketplace at any time for any breach of this Agreement or of any other Agreement to which FreeFlow and the User are parties, and that FreeFlow shall not be obligated to disclose the specifics of such breach to the User. Suspension or termination of the User's access to the marketplace is sufficient notice of suspension or termination of this Agreement.

Payment must be received in advance. Failure to pay will result in immediate cancellation of website access and users will be removed from all future auctions. Freight is the responsibility of the buyer. All shipment disputes or queries need to be escalated to Freeflow within 24 hours of receipt. If a member is successful in securing product on a FreeFlow powered marketplace, the stock must be sold without warranty and advertised in the condition in which it was purchased subject to the below terms. FreeFlow may also publish a list of companies and regions where stock cannot be advertised or sold. User’s will be given a detail listing by name or country where these restrictions apply. User’s need to confirm in writing acceptance of these regions and country restrictions.

If you are the current highest bidder on an auction (lot auction and line item auction) and you place a max bid which is greater than or equal to the reserve price, your bid will automatically be accepted at the reserve price after the auction has closed.

If you are the current highest bidder on an auction (lot auction and line item auction) and you place a max bid which is below the reserve price, your bid will automatically be increased up to your max after the auction has closed. The bid will remain pending until a decision is made.

When a user places a max bid on a lot, the max bid will be proportionately divided by line item according to the original bids placed.

In some instances stock that is on auction may be restricted to be purchased/sold into certain regions only. This will be indicated on individual auctions where restrictions apply.

"A-Stock Product(s)" shall mean those Logitech product(s) that are new (original packaging has not been opened) and that Logitech declared as end of-life.

No Warranty. All A-Stock Products shall carry applicable Logitech warranty.

No Returns. All sales are final. No returns will be accepted by Logitech for any reason.

"D-Stock Product(s)" shall mean Logitech product(s) for which the packaging has been opened.

No Warranty. All D-Stock Products are sold by Logitech "as is" and without any warranty. Dealer shall not advertise Products as having a manufacturer warranty.

No Returns. All sales are final. No returns will be accepted by Logitech for any reason. Buyer understands and agrees that, due to the nature of D-Stock Products, each or any unit(s) may not contain all components.

You may not advertise any "open box/DStock" Logitech product, purchased through this website, as reconditioned or refurbished. The only acceptable terms are "Open Box" or "Used".

For "D stock" products that potentially contain personal/private information of the original owner (original owner has failed to remove their own personal information), the buyers have the responsibility to reset/erase these products before resale (assure all personal information is removed). Reset/erase instructions will be the same instructions as part of the original product documentation and/or available on the Logitech support web site. In addition, the buyer will comply with privacy and information security laws and regulatory requirements when personal information is collected, stored, processed, transmitted, and shared.

Logitech may audit the buyer’s facility(s) to validate reasonable controls are in place in upholding the agreed term(s) and condition(s). Audit to also include areas that could be detrimental to the Logitech brand (e.g. social, environmental, and/or responsibility interest(s)).

Any movement of product intended for disposal from an area under the national jurisdiction of one State to an area under the national jurisdiction of another State is not permitted for the purposes of utilising a lesser standard of disposal/recycling in the destination State where the products will be ultimately disposed/recycled when compared to the standard of disposal/recycling in the originating State. In addition, the buyer will assure disposal complies with ISO 14001 environmental management standards as well as the relevant requirements as outlined by the EICC Electronic Industry Code of Conduct.

The buyer shall defend, hold harmless and indemnify Logitech, including its affiliates or subsidiaries, from and against any and all claims, actions, liabilities, losses, fines, penalties, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and experts’ fees) arising out of any actual or alleged violation of any law, statute or ordinance or any judicial or administrative order, rule or regulation relating to consumer privacy, human health, as well as disposal of products, including but not limited to environmental permits, health regulations, consumer protection regulations, reporting, pollution prevention, hazardous substances identification and management, wastewater and solid waste protection, air emissions and product content restrictions.

Please note Manufacturer's Warranty is not provided with any of the products purchased through any FreeFlow marketplace unless otherwise stated.

This Agreement is not a transfer or a license of any of FreeFlow’s rights. By accessing the FreeFlow powered private marketplace , Users expressly acknowledge acceptance of the terms of this Agreement. Users agree that FreeFlow has the right to deny any individual access to a FreeFlow powered private marketplace. Unauthorized access to any FreeFlow powered website is expressly forbidden. FreeFlow and its associated platforms are protected under Copyright Laws.

Any reproduction or distribution of this Website information, by, for, or to any third party, is expressly forbidden.

User understands and agrees that information disclosed on the FreeFlow powered marketplace may include trade secrets and proprietary information belonging to FreeFlow. User agrees not to copy or disclose to third parties, in whole or in part, any portion of the information and the software. User also agrees that all Usernames and Passwords supplied to the User are non-transferable and may only be used by parties registered under those Usernames and Passwords. The provisions of this Confidential Disclosure section shall survive the termination of this Agreement.
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FreeFlow assumes no liability for losses incurred in the use or application of the software or the data contained therein and shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages, whether based on contract, tort, or any other legal theory, arising out of the sale, service, furnishing performance or use of any information, data or materials sold or provided under this Agreement. The provisions of this Disclaimer section shall survive the termination of this Agreement.

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